Working Waterfront Coalition

February 18th, 2021

The Coalition, a 501 c-6 trade association, promotes the vitality and economic benefits of our working waterfronts for the people of Whatcom County. Our dynamic waterfronts, filled with hard-working skilled people, are pressured from many fronts. With 7% of our region’s jobs involved in our diverse maritime sector, we work alongside the Port of Bellingham and other coastal leaders to ensure sustainability of this vital sector in our corner of the Salish Sea. With over 135-member maritime companies, organizations, and individuals, we welcome members as we work to ensure that Whatcom’s waterfronts continue to work for all. We also operate an Association Health Plan offering competitive health insurance options for maritime companies and organizations across the state of Washington.

Perfect for people interested in:

  • Maritime companies and organizations working together to sustain a “seat at the table” on waterfront issues.
  • Companies searching for competitive health insurance options
  • Participating in workforce development initiatives (apprenticeships, scholarships, youth outreach, and more)
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