Explore statewide and local financing options for starting, growing, or relocating your business.

Funding is often the missing link between entrepreneurial dreams and the reality of a sustainable business. Funding sources can be difficult to locate in today’s economy and the process of applying for that funding can be overwhelming. Fortunately, The Small Business Development Center can help you locate appropriate sources of capital for your business, as well as help you prepare a complete loan package. Their Loan Programs & Financing Options Guide summarizes over 50 different funding options.

opens in a new windowDownload SBDC’s Loan Programs & Financing Options Guideopens PDF file .

Some unique local funding options include the Port of Bellingham’s opens in a new windowIndustrial Revenue Bond and opens in a new windowRevolving Loan Fund programs, loan funds through the Cities of Blaine and Sumas, the opens in a new windowCommunity Food Co-Op’s Farm Fund, and the opens in a new windowNW Catalyst Fund to support startups.

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