Lummi Indian Business Council

August 3rd, 2018

Since time immemorial, the Lummi Nation has been a fishing community.  We built a subsistence-based culture and economy by following the resources of the land and sea, which have sustained us for thousands of years.  Our Anthem, Che Shesh Whe Wheleq, “survivors of the flood,” tells us that our ancestors survived the Great Flood and that the Lummi People have adapted over thousands of years to prosper and evolve with the times.  Today, we manage 13,000 acres of tideland on the Lummi Reservation, operating aquaculture, business and programs that benefit 5242 Lummi Tribal Members, our neighbors, and northwest Washington.

The Lummi Nation is one of the largest employers in Whatcom County.  We are working locally, regionally, and nationally to create a more favorable climate for environmentally sustainable businesses.

Perfect for people interested in:

  • Doing business with Lummi Nation
  • Getting a business license
  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Tribal Government

For more information contact Teresa Taylor

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