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An Incredible Opportunity for British Columbia Investors

By relocating your business or opening a branch in Whatcom County, you can stay close to your Canadian headquarters, while enjoying a much lower cost of doing business and a much larger consumer market (the US market is nearly nine times the size of the Canadian market!). Plus, our four border crossings make it easy to go back and forth between BC and Whatcom County; you can drive across the border in the morning, meet with your US employees, and then head home to have dinner with your family in the evening. Whatcom County is one of America’s most prosperous border communities, yet it has maintained its small-town feel, incredible lifestyle, and low cost of doing business—there’s simply no other place that compares.

Avg. home price 48% less than Vancouver, BC.

Save on Brokerage and Business Costs

Opening a branch or business in Whatcom County can save your business a considerable amount of money. Avoid border crossing and brokerage fees, save on taxes and labor costs, and take advantage of more affordable raw materials that are easier to access. You can also save on real estate: the gross rent per square foot for an industrial property in Bellingham is less than gross rent per square foot in Vancouver.

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A History of Canadian Success

Some of our community’s most successful businesses originated in Canada and grew substantially after relocating here. Ryzex, for example, relocated to Whatcom County from the Lower Mainland in 1994 and in about 15 years went from $5 million in annual revenue to $75 million. North West Book, a BC-based business, also opened a location here in 2014 after purchasing a five-acre, 15,000 square foot facility for $950,000—the price tag for similar properties in BC was about $3 to $4 million. Since then, they’ve increased revenue 20% and can see themselves doubling that number in the coming years. Success stories like this abound throughout the County—see how your business can benefit by contacting us today.

Streamlined Infrastructure, without the Traffic

Whatcom County offers the transportation you need, without the urban congestion. Enjoy short commutes and border wait times, along with easy access to I-5, a deep-water marine port, an international airport, and railway system. Interstate 5 runs through three Whatcom County cities and is the West Coast’s primary highway, taking you 50 miles north to Vancouver, BC, or about 90 miles south to Seattle. The Bellingham International Airport also offers affordable flights throughout the US, along with convenient trade services, such as a customs brokerage, US Customs International Terminal, FBO, aircraft maintenance, and air cargo services. Need port access? No problem. Whatcom County offers nearly 1,700 acres of port property that includes a deepwater pier and state-of-the-art maritime services.

Get Personalized Guidance

While moving your business can seem intimidating, our business team has it down to a science. From skilled brokers and accountants who specialize in Canadian business, to immigration lawyers who streamline the process, to economic specialists at the Port of Bellingham who’ve been helping BC businesses transition here for decades—Whatcom County is highly equipped to bring your product or service to the US market. Contact us today to get started!

Contact Your Relocation Support Team

John Michener

Port of Bellingham

The Port is your go-to source for relocating or opening a business in Whatcom County. They’ll help you through every step of the process, including obtaining financing, finding real estate, recruiting talent, and more. Contact John today!

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